Autumn and Oreo were adopted together!

Well you’re right- we’re pretty busy these days!!! Some days we ask “what WERE we thinking?!”, though we’re so glad to have them both . . . And, that they have each other!!! The pups are great!!! And already seem to be growing fast!!!

They’ve both been to our vet and got caught up on shots & de-wormer; I think there’s just one more round of shots to go for one. Their names are now Izzy (Autumn) and Zoi (Oreo) – and they seem to be learning them quickly!!! They’re both scheduled to be spayed on November 28th.
Both appear to be happy and healthy and smart – and we’ve been in love with them since day one!!! Believe me – they’re in good, dog-lovers hands!!! We lost out 13.5 yo black lab a year and a half ago, and then had to say goodbye to our 14.5 yo chocolate lab in June – so these little girls adopted us too!!!

They absolutely adore each other and are getting used to the routine around here too!!! You’re right – they’re BOTH SPECIAL and bring a lot of joy to our lives . . . And I like to think we do the same for them!!! Since they’ve had their shots we’ve been on some walks (Zoi is a puller & we’ll need to work with her on that) & we took both to puppy playtime at Petco on Sunday and they did great with the other pups!!! We plan to continue that on as many weekends as we can! They also have a large fenced in yard in which they like to run, chase each other, & play.

I’m attaching a few pics!!! Thanks so much for checking in . . . We all love each other so don’t worry one bit!!!
And thanks for the additional background information!!!

And yes, please share the information as you wish!!! Please also tell your friend, “THANK YOU!!!” from us for taking such good care of Autumn/Izzy – so she could make it to us!!! (I also wish there was a way to let the homeless man know she’s okay . . . & to give him our gratitude for doing his best to love her as well!). She’s such a little blessing I can’t imagine her light not being able to shine!!!

Yes, we KNOW THEY DEFINITELY PICKED US!!! We were just going “to look” that day & really weren’t prepared to come home with A puppy that day . . . Let alone TWO!!! But, we know the universe has its own plans – ALWAYS . . . And we’re just guided to where we need to be! That’s the fun of life!!!

Thank you for all you do, Suzie!!! It’s an important & special calling as well!!! And, please thank all involved for taking care of all of the precious four-legged beings of light that add so much joy to our lives and remind us how we ALL should live & love!!!

We will let you know how Izzy & Zoi are doing as we can – & check in ANYTIME!!!