Our Adoption Process

How does the Adoption Process work?

1.  The first step in our adoption process is to complete an online adoption application.  Approval as an adopter does not guarantee an adoption or a hold of a particular pet.

2.  Then, if approved, we will outline next steps in an email.

3.  If you choose to move forward with adoption, you can make the full adoption deposit for the pet of your choice.

4.  Next, we will schedule a pickup date for you to meet your pet. If you meet the pup you are interested in at your scheduled time and find you aren’t a good fit, then you would receive a full refund.  If you meet and it’s a match, then you take the pup home and live happily ever after.

Adoption Process

Adoption Process FAQs

Can I meet a pet before adopting?

Periodically, we hold adoption events.  However, we find that the above adoption process is usually most convenient for our potential adopters’ schedules.

If you’d like to schedule a meet/greet without securing a pet for adoption, we can arrange that.  Simply fill out the form below.  However, scheduling a meet/greet does NOT hold an animal for you to meet.  To hold an animal, you would need to make the full adoption fee deposit. Because of the high demand for adoptable animals at this time, it is highly recommended that you make the full adoption deposit for the pet of your choice as soon as you are ready. In instances where more than one approved applicant has made the adoption fee for the same animal at the same time, we make the final decision on what the best fit for the animal may be.

How does online adoption work?

Online adoptions are for applicants who find a dog on our website and want to secure the dog as theirs.

  1. Complete the adoption application.
  2. Within 72 hours of  receiving the completed form, our Adoption Coordinator will communicate with you to confirm the status of your application and begin the adoption process.
  3. When an approved adopter wishes to hold the dog as theirs, they must complete the FULL adoption fee donation.
  4. The Adoption Coordinator will then be in touch with pickup instructions.
  5. If at pickup you find that you and your new pet aren’t a good match, you can choose to apply your donation to another dog in our care or accept a full refund.
What is a trial adoption?

Because some of our dogs are harder to place due to age, size, breed, or color (crazy but true), we offer trial adoptions on some of our pets.

In these cases, we are happy to offer a 2-week trial adoption.  Meaning, we’d proceed just as with any other adoption but you’d have the option to return the animal within the first 2 weeks for a full refund should it not be a good match. This process allows you to see how your new pet fits into your family before fully committing.  After the 2-week trial, you’ll have the option to return the animal for a full refund of your donation or keep your pet as a forever family member.  This is only for certain dogs in our care and does not apply to puppies.

Why do adoption fees differ from pet to pet?

Adoption fees vary depending on the age and breed of our cats and dogs.  Fees include vaccines up until the time of adoption, microchip, spay/neuter, free virtual training from GoodPup, and 1st 30 days of free Pet insurance from a third-party vendor.

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