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Thank you for partnering with us to save a life!

Because of you, one more pet has a family, a home, and love.  Thank you for rescuing your new pet with 4P4L!  Please enjoy the offers we have exclusively for our adopters here.


  • Veterinary records will not be complete in your Wagtopia account until your pickup date. 
  • FOR LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCIES ONLY: Please call (970) 364-3981 and leave a message.  The voicemail is monitored frequently.  We will only respond to emergencies. For non-life threatening illnesses or concerns please email
  • Please, go ahead and download the GoodPup app to take advantage of your free 1 week of virtual professional dog training and 20% off for life.
  • DOG FOOD:  We are often asked about what food a pup has had in our care.  Honestly, we’d like to say that all pups have been on the same brand premium puppy food for their entire lives, but that wouldn’t be the case.  We operate on donations and truthfully, our pups have had a couple of different brands and do just fine with them.  Whatever you provide will be better than what they’ve had.  If you want to prevent an upset tummy, we recommend boiling chicken breast (no bones) and rice and transitioning to what food you’d like to use for the first few days.
  • We recommend ordering any pet supplies ahead of your pickup date.  Please visit the Wagtopia store.
  • Previous adopters with our rescue have lots of tips and advice to offer.  Please join our adopter only page on Facebook and share your questions and successes here. 

We thank you for choosing to adopt from 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue and hope you find the above information helpful. 

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