Happy Life Eddie aka Winston!

Hey guys!
Here’s an update on my little guy, Eddie “Winston”, since I’ve adopted him he’s been absolutely amazing! When I had adopted him on May 2. He was sick when we first got him and took him to Redrocks Animal Center and Parker Animal Hospital.   Once we got him on antibiotics he’s been eating and drinking water. Took a ton of patience and love, but ever second with him has been worth it and will forever be worth it! Winston is such an amazing little friend and he goes everywhere with me and has traveled all over the country as we love to road trip! Winston and I just recently moved to Lubbock, Texas for college and he’s been doing amazing with making friends and living with me in my dorm. I miss volunteering with y’all and hope y’all are doing well! Winston has an Instagram(@my.winstogram) which y’all follow so I know you guys can see him through his adventures and progress in life!
Thanks a ton!
Lauren  💕