About Us

4P4L Pet Rescue in Sedalia, CO is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue.  We rescue abandoned pets in high-kill shelters throughout the United States.  Hence, we help our adopters provide loving homes for animals in need.  Our adopters and donors give a voice to abandoned, orphaned, abused, and forgotten animals.

44P4L TeamP4L Pet Rescue in Sedalia, CO was founded in 2012 by Toni Barge.  Since our board of directors ensures that our organization functions at it’s best, we continue to increase the number of lives we are able to save every year.  While our organization is comprised of hardworking volunteers, dedicated fosters, and our board of directors we couldn’t do it without you! Learn more about our team by clicking here.

Shelters across the country house approximately eight million companion animals each year. Yet, nearly 50% of them are euthanized due to the shelter’s lack of resources. Therefore, we have focused our operations around committed volunteers who support our primary objective.  Our objective is to save companion animals from Death Row and place them in loving homes.

Consequently, 4P4L Pet Rescue in Sedalia, CO strives to circulate knowledge and promotion of initiatives that support the best welfare of our four-legged friends.

We need your help to:

support responsible companion animal relationships

prevent of animal cruelty

work toward a no-kill nation

spay and neuter all pets

You can help!  Adopt a dog.  Adopt a cat.  Become a foster. Or, simply donate your time to our cause.