Doggie Day Care

Pricing:  $15.00 a day for dogs, $12.00 a day for cats

(from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Even though we know you’d love to spend all day with your pets, we understand that’s not always a possibility.  So, why not send them to doggie day care?  Call us to schedule:  (303) 688-8569

We have staff on hand excited to offer the mental and physical stimulation your dog needs to stay happy and healthy!

Some of the perks of day care are:

  • your dog won’t be lonely counting the hours until they have a human to play with
  • less stress on mom and dad since you no longer have to rush home to allow for potty breaks and feeding times
  • less rough play and destructive behavior at home since your dog will be exhausted from a day of play and fun
  • need us to schedule a bath while here?  We can do that!

Still not convinced, read more about the benefits here: